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Magnums Home I


Key Details

Address- 3575 Magnums Way Redding, CA


- 4 bedroom 2 bath

Bedroom 1- $600 (Single)

Bedroom 2- $600 (Single)

Bedroom 3- $440 (Shared)

Bedroom 4- $475 (Shared)

Utilities- $85 (Fixed price). Includes wifi, water, trash.

- Lease begins August 1st, and ends May 31st.

- $39.99 application fee for US residents.

- US Students: You must pay a deposit (the price of one month of rent) 

as well as first month of rent upon signing the lease.

- International Students: You must pay a deposit (the price of one month of rent) 

upon signing the lease. 

*We offer a 5% discount on rent if paid in full upfront*


It is fully furnished and includes

  • Washer

  • Dryer

  • Full kitchen utensils, plates, cups, pots, and pans.

  • There is a microwave, toaster, electric kettle, stovetop, oven, and two fridges.

  • It has central AC and heating. 

  • There is a TV.

  • We provide you with bedsheets and one duvet, as well as towels but feel free to bring your own.

  • Laundry room is a shared communal space with separate apartment on the property

  • When does the lease begin?
    Lease begins August 1st and is till May 31st of the following year.
  • What happens if won’t be moving in at the start of the month, or if I leave before the lease is over? Do I still have to pay for those days?
    We do not do pro-rated rent. The lease is a 10 month lease and if you arrive later or move out earlier, you will still need to honor the terms of the lease and pay for the whole month. That being said, we pro-rate utilities. This means you only pay for the time you were in the home.
  • Who will be in the house? Will I be able to meet them?
    We try our best to bring in other students that we feel would be a great match with each other. Once all rooms are filled I will share some photos and fun facts about all the people in the home!
  • Do you have any more photos?
    All the photos in the gallery above are the photos we have currently. If you would like to see the home before hand, I can schedule a time to show you in person.
  • What do I have to do to secure my spot?
    Once your application is reviewed, we will let you know if you have been accepted. At that point you’ll receive a contract and upon signing the contract you will be asked to pay a security deposit.
  • What is the deposit amount?
    The deposit is the same as one full month of rent. It will be returned to you at the end of the year assuming the home is returned in a clean manner.
  • Is utilities a fixed price?
    Yes, utilities will be a fixed price of $85 and will not change throughout the year.
  • Can I see the house before?
    We can definitely set up a time to show the home if it is available. Alternatively, I can just send you a video tour of the house.
  • Is this available for summer housing?
    As of now this home is NOT available for summer housing.
  • Do I have to pay to apply?
    For US students, Yes, there is an application fee of $35. If you are international there is no application fee but you must fill out a special application that we will provide you.
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